Sweet Home Alabama

Harper in a cotton field in Alabama I've been noticeably absent from the blog for a few days because we've been vacationing visiting with family in Alabama. I marked out "vacationing" because...well...as anyone with kids can tell you, traveling with kids leaves a lot to be desired in the R&R department. I like to say that vacationing with kids is just like being at home but with different scenery. In fact, I might even argue it's harder than being home since your routine gets disrupted, and you don't have all your creature comforts nearby. It provides for fun adventures nonetheless.

Harper in a cotton field in Alabama

My dad's house is just across the road from a sprawling cotton field, and because of all the rain this year, the plants are shoulder-height. Just amazing. I couldn't wait to snap a few shots of Harper in the field. The first photo is of her with her Grandpa Jim (my dad), and the one above is Harper with Aunt Alli (my little sister).

Harper's Lizard

As evidenced by the photo above, we've discovered that Harper has no fear of critters. She chased lizards, caught ladybugs, grabbed Granddaddy Longlegs ("itsy bitsy spiders") and handled fish like a true southern tomboy. Apparently she is just like her mommy.

Ezra and Gramma

Ezra is having a great time, too. It was important to me for him to be able to meet his Great Gramma (above, my dad's mother) since she is getting older and suffering from Alzheimer's. He seemed at home in her arms and in the swing, too.

Ezra swinging at Grandpa Jim's

Harper looks really happy in the photo below, but this was right before she landed on her face on the ground. Two-year-olds apparently aren't so great at holding on to the chains... (Don't worry, she was fine.)

Harper swinging at Grandpa Jim's

Growing up, my dad and I went fishing all the time. He lives on a lake that is stocked with catfish and bream, so this was a perfect opportunity for Harper to catch her first fish.

Harper fishing with daddy

She was a natural with a bamboo rod!

Harper fishing with grandpa Jim

...and not afraid of the fish at all.

Harper's first fish

Looking at these photos, I see just how quickly she is growing up. She's really a little girl now - not my baby anymore. Even Chunk (Ezra) is growing up so fast. Someone stop them, or I might just need another one!

More photos to come...

KCW Day...(I dunno!): V-Neck Cardigan

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan Kids' Clothes Week started really strong for me and went downhill around day 4. First, Harper was a bit under-the-weather. Second, my serger broke. And third, we went out of town on Saturday for a little impromptu family bouldering trip.

BUT, I did manage to get this last little gem completed before the end of the week.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

The pattern is the V-Neck Cardigan by Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link). I've had this pattern in my stash for quite a while, but I hadn't sewn it up because of my buttonholes-on-knits-especially-rib-knit-aphobia. It wasn't so bad though.

The main garment was constructed in minutes. MINUTES I tell you! Seriously, so quick and easy with a serger. After that, I nervously sewed my buttonholes (no big deal - stabilize, stabilize, stabilize!). Finally, I sewed on the buttons while on our way to Joe's Valley on Saturday. Harper actually wore the shirt there as soon as we arrived - buttonhole markings and all. She loves it.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

I made the size 2T, and it fits well with room to grow. One size smaller would probably be the PERFECT fit, but I like the slouchy look and the fact that she will be able to wear this one a while.

The main fabric was left over from my Lady Skater Dress, and the ribbing came from my stash of hand-me-down, miscellaneous fabric bits. They aren't a perfect match, but the little bit of contrast is actually ideal, I think.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

As for the photos...well, they turned out OK given the circumstances. We had a few minutes to kill before meeting daddy for a lunchtime playdate, and I spotted this giant art wall. It was only about 50 degrees (with hurricane-like winds, as you can see) and at the worst possible time for shadows and direct sunlight, but oh well. I take what I can get.

I call it "grumpy with a chance of smiles."

kid's clothes week
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KCW Day 3: Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie (Sort of)

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie My poor girl has come down with a cold, so she was a reluctant model today. She still looks pretty cute though considering how she was feeling!

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

This pattern started out as the Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie, but it evolved into something that only remotely resembles the original pattern. There was nothing wrong with the pattern, but the "sweatshirt fleece" I bought at Joann had ZERO STRETCH. What kind of sweatshirt fleece has ZERO STRETCH?! And what kind of sewist buys it? Me, apparently.

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

I made the size 3T after reading several online reviews that said the sizing ran small. The 2T would have been great if this fabric were stretchy, but the 3T was perfect for my modifications.

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

Hopefully I can find some high-quality french terry or sweatshirt fleece WITH STRETCH to make more of these adorable hoodies for both Ezra and Harper. I (think) I love the pattern!

Speaking of Ezra...he's still around. I just haven't gotten around to sewing anything for him yet. I have some stuff planned, but you know, those little babies...they grow so fast! I don't love sewing for them when they are so young. Hopefully I can whip out some cozy sweatpants and a sweatshirt later this week.

kid's clothes week
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