Celebrating Nana in Montana

Last weekend, we made the 571-mile road trip to Great Falls, Montana, to celebrate Harper's Great-Grandmother's 90th birthday. We had an amazing time and learned several lessons:

  1. Disposable diapers do not hold in poop as well as cloth ones. With that, our diaper bag should always contain a change of clothing for Harper AND for me.
  2. We should take at least one full bottle of pumped milk for every two hours on the road.
  3. Strollers aren't needed on family trips. Someone is always willing (begging?) to hold the baby.
  4. Ditto for the activity mat, bags full of toys, etc.
  5. Don't count on a schedule when traveling with an infant. Take frequent breaks. Relax. Breathe.
  6. My new dream car is a hybrid minivan.

I really stressed about how well Harper would hold up to 10+ hours (each way) on the road. She did fine though, and we only really experienced one bout of fussiness toward the end of the trip home. It was nothing a little beside-the-road nursing couldn't solve...and some Indian takeout when we got home.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip:

Harper and her chubby cheeks...we affectionately call them her "sugar bags" since they get so many kisses.

Harper and her daddy

More sugar bag action...

Mommy and Harper

My blue-eyed girl

Yes, I know...she looks like a boy. She's wearing a boy's outfit. (Who cares?!) I could kiss that precious face all day long...

Oh, the many faces of Harper...

Always happy!

Mommy, Harper, the Birthday Girl and Daddy

I love this girl more than anything in the world. Anything. She makes me want more (dot dot dot)

She makes me so happy.


Harper's beautiful Great-Grandmother, Eleanor (AKA Nana).

A random favorite shot from Harper's Great Aunt and Uncle's ranch.