College, schmollege! (And my self-led degree program)

So, I went to college. Twice. And it was fun and all that. But, as it turns out, I went for something I'm not interested in doing for the rest of my life...and, I racked up a large student loan debt that will take me the next three lifetimes to pay back. (Ask me sometime about my thoughts on how colleges completely dupe kids into choosing a major versus choosing their passion, and why that's bad for America.) Anyway, my favorite three classes in college were 1) Art History of the Far East, 2) Psychology of Religion and 3) Buddhism. It would seem that perhaps I should have majored in liberal arts versus mass communication/advertising. After looking into the cost of art school, I've decided to embark on my own self-led degree program in art history and fine arts. Here's the program description (I'm sure this will evolve):

The LDU (Lauren Dahl University) bachelor of fine arts program takes a multi-disciplinary approach to helping the student to achieve a high level of success in the practice of surface and textile design. Through both the study of ancient through modern art and design and the practice of various artistic techniques, the student is equipped with both the historical and psychological knowledge of art along with the ability to bring her own ideas to life on paper, fabric and the screen (among other things). The student will be exposed to a variety of styles and executions, and frequent international travel to areas of artistic significance will be included as part of the curriculum. Architecture, graphic design, fine art and off-the-beaten-path ornamentation will be included as part of the course of study.

Drawing upon actual program descriptions from top art schools, I will be working on a detailed "course" list, and I'll be sure to include all the information on my blog in case anyone wants to join me in my reading and study.

This is going to be fun!