First Christmas Photo Bomb!

Harper had a wonderful first Christmas...and rather than try to describe it in words, I'll let the massive number of photos I took do the talking (with some comedic narration here and there). First, G-Deb and Uncle Beau came to Salt Lake City to help Harper pick out the perfect Christmas tree:

After carefully assessing all her options, she picked the perfect one!

We were sad to see G-Deb and Beau go...but glad they got to visit!

Next, we headed to West Virginia to celebrate Christmas with the Dahls. Harper was excited to show off her trim physique and her most recently acquired gang signs:

And to enjoy some playtime with her cousins Natalie and Caleb and Unsle Benser (Uncle Spencer):


She also got to hang out with Nana... celebrate Papa Brian & Dolly's 42nd anniversary...

...and pickles...

...and Daddy's 32nd birthday.

Daddy got a haircut, which means that Harper got a new toupee:

...and she loved watching the big kids play:

Here she is playing with one of her Christmas gifts:

And apparently, Natalie got a new pony as one of hers...

Mommy even got in some knitting time!

And of course, we all posed for the essential family shot on Christmas Eve:

I probably could have written this post in a much wittier way, but time is limited these days. I'm doing well just to adjust the brightness and contrast a little on the photos. :)

Here's to many more Merry Christmases!