Harper's One-Year Birthday Party

Clearly I am running a little behind with posting since Harper's birthday party was almost two months ago, but as you can imagine, the last few weeks have been a little hectic. I had so much fun at Harper's birthday party - more than I ever expected. It pretty much went without a hitch, and I attribute most of that to the fact that I didn't try to make it perfect. I realized that making banners out of scrapbook paper and tablecloths out of vintage sheets and all the other crafty projects I had planned would be for me, not for Harper. So, I put my energy into making sure we had a great group of friends - adults and kiddos - surrounding Harper on her big day.

I used my mismatched vintage Pyrex to display the refreshments. Ha, funny story... Scott and I actually got into a silly argument over whether or not I should buy a pretty cake platter from the thrift store. I also wanted one that rotated so I could properly ice the cake. You see the glass plate the cake is actually on? It's the rotating glass bottom from the microwave. Thank my engineer husband for solving that dilemma. :)

Harper was not at all impressed with her cake... (But Scott's Popeye arms ARE impressive, huh?!)

But Lily was happy to help her blow out the candles!

And the rest of us were happy to help her eat it. The recipe came out of Better Homes & Gardens, and it was delish.

Micah was just happy to smile for the camera.

Grayson wasn't so sure about being surrounded by so many women.

Lily can always be found in the vicinity of Wonton.

Miss Isla looking pretty!

"Hmmm...I don't like cake, but this celery is damn good!"

All smiles!

Cute little tutu bum!

The dads just chillin'.

Shoes! Harper loves shoes! Especially ones with lights in them.

The whole birthday party crew.

I kind of think Scott had more fun than Harper!

No, I'm pretty sure of it!