Harper's Owlies Sweater

I apologize if the color is a little off in these photos. I was on vacation and using a computer that didn't have my normal editing software on it! Forgive me! :) I think the first pattern that caught my eye when I joined Ravelry last year was the Owlet sweater by Kate Davies. And when my mom and I found this persimmon-colored Cascade 220 on sale, I knew I had to cast on this project. (In other words, this sweater is awesome, and it cost less than $15 including the 30 buttons that dot the yoke!)

Even with the modifications I made to this pattern, it took me less than a week to complete - just in time for the holidays. The fit, style, color and texture are just fabulous - an all-around wonderful project! Here are the details:

This project was a little bit fiddly at times, but nothing a somewhat experienced knitter couldn't figure out. Oh, and there's an adult version, too! Are matching mommy/daughter sweaters in my future? Hmmm...