Hot Air Balloons and Finger Paints

We had the most fun Saturday in the history of Saturdays this weekend. Last week, I bought Harper some art supplies including sidewalk chalk, jumbo crayons and...FINGER PAINT!

As you can see, Harper had a blast painting herself. And the porch. And me.

I got these paints for $3 at Michael's, and although the box said they were for ages 3+, Harper did just fine at 14 months.

She only tried to eat the paint a couple times, and some of it actually ended up on paper.

When she was done, I let her take a walk around the neighborhood. I'm sure the neighbors think I am a horrible mom.

She was loving it though!

Once we got cleaned up, it was off to the Sandy Hot Air Balloon Festival! I was a bit apprehensive about going to this event's Sandy. But WOW - I am definitely going to be checking out more events down there! The parking was easy...the crowd was nice...the venue was super clean. They weren't selling alcohol at this event (and we lurve our alcohol), but it was actually a good thing since it was so family-oriented. Compared to some of the downtown Salt Lake City events we've been to, I was seriously impressed.

Oh, and the balloons were beautiful, too!

Harper was a little scared of the noise, heat and big balloons at first, but she quickly got super excited when the sky started lighting up with colors!

The Folka Dots were also a big hit! Harper loves to dance.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? Please tell me all about it!