KCW Day 2: Burda 9503

Burda Sewing Pattern 9503 Dress One thing I love about sewing and knitting for children is that it allows me to practice skills on a smaller scale before doing them on larger, more expensive pieces of fabric. That's what I'm telling myself, anyway, since I'm not particularly happy with some of the details of this dress. Namely: the button placket.

Burda Sewing Pattern 9503 Dress

Lessons learned: 1) Use dark interfacing with dark fabrics. 2) Take into account the depth of the buttons I plan to use, not just the diameter. 3) Sew the buttonholes before seams are bound up in an unruly conglomeration of eight layers of fabric.

Burda Sewing Pattern 9503 Dress

The dress is certainly wearable as-is, but I am a perfectionist...and there are things I want to do better next time. As far as the pattern goes (Burda 9503), there were a couple quirky things about it. The sizing was a little odd, for starters. This is the 86cm/18mos size. Harper measures exactly 86cm tall, but her circumference measurements are actually smaller than the 18mos size. I think the fit is decent, but it seems a little short in overall length and in the sleeves. I would probably make the 92cm/2T next time.

In addition, the pattern piece for the neckline binding simply didn't fit. I stretched it, pressed it, steamed it, stretched it again - all to no avail. Finally, I just cut a long strip of bias binding and sewed it on sans pattern. The instructions were also a bit confusing and cumbersome, but that could just be because this was my first time sewing this type of placket. Regardless, I think patterns should explain techniques well enough for even a beginner to understand. The diagrams didn't help.

The fabric is a lightweight corduroy I got at the Nuttal's Riverton moving sale. The leggings are also made-by-me using some cotton from Nuttal's at Ivy Place. I simply traced a pair of Harper's current leggings to make the pattern.

I dunno. Overall, I'm kind of "meh" about this outfit. I think Harper's personality is better suited with  more modern silhouettes. I find it interesting when sewing and shopping for her that there are styles that definitely look better on her and just "click" - just the same as styling for an adult.

Burda Sewing Pattern 9503 Dress

And that, dear readers, is Harper's sign that the photo shoot is over. And so is this blog post! On to Day 3...

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