KCW Day 3: Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie (Sort of)

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie My poor girl has come down with a cold, so she was a reluctant model today. She still looks pretty cute though considering how she was feeling!

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

This pattern started out as the Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie, but it evolved into something that only remotely resembles the original pattern. There was nothing wrong with the pattern, but the "sweatshirt fleece" I bought at Joann had ZERO STRETCH. What kind of sweatshirt fleece has ZERO STRETCH?! And what kind of sewist buys it? Me, apparently.

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

I made the size 3T after reading several online reviews that said the sizing ran small. The 2T would have been great if this fabric were stretchy, but the 3T was perfect for my modifications.

Heidi & Finn Urban Unisex Hoodie

Hopefully I can find some high-quality french terry or sweatshirt fleece WITH STRETCH to make more of these adorable hoodies for both Ezra and Harper. I (think) I love the pattern!

Speaking of Ezra...he's still around. I just haven't gotten around to sewing anything for him yet. I have some stuff planned, but you know, those little babies...they grow so fast! I don't love sewing for them when they are so young. Hopefully I can whip out some cozy sweatpants and a sweatshirt later this week.

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