KCW Day...(I dunno!): V-Neck Cardigan

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan Kids' Clothes Week started really strong for me and went downhill around day 4. First, Harper was a bit under-the-weather. Second, my serger broke. And third, we went out of town on Saturday for a little impromptu family bouldering trip.

BUT, I did manage to get this last little gem completed before the end of the week.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

The pattern is the V-Neck Cardigan by Peekaboo Pattern Shop (affiliate link). I've had this pattern in my stash for quite a while, but I hadn't sewn it up because of my buttonholes-on-knits-especially-rib-knit-aphobia. It wasn't so bad though.

The main garment was constructed in minutes. MINUTES I tell you! Seriously, so quick and easy with a serger. After that, I nervously sewed my buttonholes (no big deal - stabilize, stabilize, stabilize!). Finally, I sewed on the buttons while on our way to Joe's Valley on Saturday. Harper actually wore the shirt there as soon as we arrived - buttonhole markings and all. She loves it.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

I made the size 2T, and it fits well with room to grow. One size smaller would probably be the PERFECT fit, but I like the slouchy look and the fact that she will be able to wear this one a while.

The main fabric was left over from my Lady Skater Dress, and the ribbing came from my stash of hand-me-down, miscellaneous fabric bits. They aren't a perfect match, but the little bit of contrast is actually ideal, I think.

Peekaboo Pattern Shop V-Neck Cardigan

As for the photos...well, they turned out OK given the circumstances. We had a few minutes to kill before meeting daddy for a lunchtime playdate, and I spotted this giant art wall. It was only about 50 degrees (with hurricane-like winds, as you can see) and at the worst possible time for shadows and direct sunlight, but oh well. I take what I can get.

I call it "grumpy with a chance of smiles."

kid's clothes week
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