Liberty of London Wiksten Tova

Liberty of London Wiksten Tova by Lauren Dahl Do you have a default pattern? You know, one that fits perfectly, sews up quickly, works with your lifestyle and is flattering, too? For me, that perfect pattern is the Wiksten Tova. It actually took me quite a while to get on the Tova bandwagon. I thought it looked great in most photos I saw, but still, the line drawing made it look a bit matronly to me. However, I get more wear out of my black and white one than any other handmade item in my wardrobe.

Enter my Liberty of London version.

Liberty of London Wiksten Tova by Lauren Dahl

I bought this fabric on sale at Yellow Bird Fabrics last summer for a whopping 40% off. And then, it sat on my shelf...and sat...and sat. Mostly because, HELLO, it's Liberty. And secondly because I couldn't decide what to make with it. I only had two yards - enough to make most tops and maybe a short dress, but the options were overwhelming. I can't tell you how many hours I spent googling "liberty of london dress" and "liberty of london top." Pinterest made the task even more daunting. Liberty of London Wiksten Tova by Lauren Dahl

But finally, FINALLY I decided on the Tova. I hesitated since I don't normally like sewing a pattern more than once, but this one is an exception. I wanted to use my beloved piece of fabric for something I knew I'd wear often. And wear it often I will. FACT: I've worn it every day since I sewed it. FACT #2: I sewed it yesterday. But still.

I made no alterations to the pattern (size medium) other than adding some SF-101 interfacing to the plackets and collar. The collar is doing something weird in these photos, but I think that's because I pulled this thing out of the dryer still damp and put it on for these photos. I think it got pressed down by my sweater and kind of stuck that way as it dried. The sweater is my hand-knit Aidez from several years ago - the first sweater I ever knitted! Liberty of London Wiksten Tova by Lauren Dahl

Oh...about this photo shoot. I do this thing where I put the kids in the van and drive when they won't nap and I'm about to lose my brain because TWO YEAR OLD. I'm always sure to coordinate said excursions with a photo op, and today's little trip took us to Saltair. I finally got my camera settings to where my photos didn't make me look like a radioactive alien, and I went to the van to check on them. Of course, they were both screaming. End photo shoot. So, the most flattering photos were also the most overexposed. I guess THESE will have to do.

Have you sewn the Wiksten Tova? Do you love it? Do you have another go-to pattern? Do you have cutting-Liberty-of-London fear like I do? Please share!