Make Expensive-Looking Pillow Covers from Inexpensive Napkins

I have wanted to do an eclectic collection of throw pillows somewhere in my house for a long time now, and when we bought our home, I figured the window seat was the perfect spot for this. However, I quickly realized when arranging our gargantuan furniture that the window seat would inevitably be covered by our couch. *LE SIGH.*

Oh well, I just finished these pillow covers and decided to put them ON the couch instead! Brilliant!

These covers are made from inexpensive table napkins purchased at World Market. You could get them anywhere as long as they're roughly 20" square. (That's a pretty standard size.) I used our existing pillows for the inserts, but you can pick up some 16"-ish ones at Wal-Mart, IKEA or JoAnn's if you don't already have them.

So...without further adieu: