Pattern Review: Big Butt Baby Pants

It became apparent very quickly after Harper was born that finding pants to fit over her cloth diapers was going to be a major endeavor. During the summer, it wasn't a problem because she could just wear her diaper with nothing else. But when the temperatures started heading south, well, she needed to start wearing pants. Even though she's only seven months old, she wears 18-month-old size bodysuits because the smaller ones are too short in the torso. But pants? They seem to stop getting wider after about the 12-months size, and then they just get longer.

I tried to make my own pattern for a gusseted pair of pants, but after reaching my frustration threshold, I took to the web.

AND GUESS WHAT?! I found these!!! It's not easy to find pants for cloth-diapered babies in stores (or even on the web), and if you do, they are crazy expensive. You know me - I typically buy all our clothes at the thrift store. So, $20 baby pants were not in my cards. That's why this pattern from makes me so freaking happy!

I quickly put down my $10 and got to work. Within an hour or so (they are that easy), she had two new pairs of pants - khaki and hot pink corduroy. Since then, I've made gray corduroy, blue jeans and some fun flannel ones with a cat print and polka dots on the butt.

These are seriously the only pants I like to put on Harper anymore. They are super-duper cute, and they fit over her diaper with ease. I no longer have to worry about them bunching in the bends of her legs - possibly preventing her from sitting up comfortably.Whenever she wore store-bought pants, she looked like she had on a straight jacket from the waist down. That's no good!

My only regret is that I didn't make her the 12-months size! After just one month, she is already outgrowing these. I swear, this girl grows tooooo fast...