Pretty Flowers from Fabric and Vinyl Scraps

I love that embellishing things with fabric flowers and buttons is so "in" right now. First, they're easy to make...and second, it's a great way to add some new life to your old stuff with just a small piece of fabric. For the yoyo flower, I used this tutorial on Heather Bailey's blog. I essentially created the yoyo out of fabric cut from a vintage pillowcase and then hot-glued a felt circle and vintage button in the center. I then hot-glued another circle of felt on the back and attached a safety pin with a small strip of felt and glue.

flowerhat effect

For the blue flower, I used a scrap of vinyl that one of the interior designers at work gave me. I cut several petal shapes in different sizes and put a small slit at the base of each one. I doubled one side of the slit over the other, and hot glued. Once I had all the petals done, I hot-glued them all together in the center and added another button. Using a couple more pieces of vinyl, I attached a safety pin to the back.

I also made a sort-of deconstructed rose out of a long tube of fabric that I folded upon itself until it took shape. I simply tucked the ends into the back and machine sewed in a circle to finish it off. To make the rosebud, I also used a tube of fabric...but I rolled it up and hand sewed the layers together on the bottom. I think these would be cute together on the neckline of a tank top or t-shirt.

flowersaucer effect