Sew Selfish, Episode 2: And nothing to show...

Today was one of those depressing sewing days. I had my Renfrew by Sewaholic shirt all cut and ready-to-sew, and I just knew I was going to get it finished and photographed in time to post it with today's Sew Selfish linkup. But...

The fabric I chose was a sort of slinky, thin jersey...with stripes. I mean come on, people. Slinky knit? With stripes? And only a naptime to sew a whole garment? It was destined for failure. Needless to say, I didn't finish the shirt, and I don't have a photograph of it, so I'm hoping you all can cheer me up with photos of your lovely creations.

Lesson learned: when the pattern says "stable knit," I should use a stable knit. Without stripes. It honestly didn't turn out TOO bad, and it might be salvageable, but the bottom band is currently all out-of-whack since the stripes aren't perfectly matched. And I think I made it a size too big. Doh. Happens to the best of us, right?

In other sewing fails, why the heck doesn't Joann's sweatshirt fleece have any stretch to it? And why did I buy almost 4 yards of it? The world will never know. I got it as part of my Kids' Clothes Week prep, but I'm afraid the lack of stretch might be another failed project in the making. Sad panda.

So come on. Cheer me up. You guys were amazing last week - 20 of you showed up to share your beautiful creations!

Show me something good! Please?!

(Not all is lost. Here are some of my purchases for the day in preparation for Kids' Clothes Sewing Week! But seriously. WTF. No-stretch sweatshirt fleece?! Total mom brain.)



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