Sewing Summit Recap: Changes Underway!

I didn't take a single photo with my camera at Sewing Summit. I took a few crummy ones with my shattered iPhone (mostly of Ezra). So, this post isn't pretty. It's just a quick note to say that SEWING SUMMIT WAS AMAZING. It wasn't necessarily that I learned anything earth-shattering or that I couldn't find somewhere on the Googles. It was just so inspirational, and I'm feeling invigorated and motivated to get back to pursuing this blog and my creative endeavors. The speakers were wonderful - smart, engaging, knowledgeable, funny and inspiring. I especially loved Olivia Omega's (personal branding) and Alicia DiRago's (creative business) presentations. And I had the most fun in Miriam Tribe's fabric stamping class.

But the best part was being surrounded by other creative minds. Other busy moms. Other small business owners (and aspiring business owners) and realizing that I have a support group. I realized that saying "I don't have time" and procrastinating until the kids are off to school (or college?!) isn't an option. Success (or at least trying) is the only way going forward.

So, you're going to be seeing some changes here. A total brand overhaul. Regular posts. Useful content. More (better) photos (thanks, Melissa Esplin!). New sewing and knitting patters.

And more...