We FINALLY got a decent amount of snow yesterday, so when we drove by the neighborhood sledding hill today, we knew we had to go. We quickly ate our B&D Burgers (our Sunday family tradition), headed home to put Harper in her Santa suit, and went to Liberty Park for the fun to begin.

Scott and I have always enjoyed sledding, and we normally go to Sugar House Park. The hill there is a little taller and steeper. Liberty Park was nice since it wasn't as crowded, and it's just down the street from our house.

In normal Harper form, she was giggling and making silly faces for the camera.

The photos were a little hard to take because of the insane backlight. I guess practice makes perfect, right? I really need to figure out my camera...

She rocked the Santa suit and sunglasses!

I would get really scared when we went fast or hit bumps. Harper loved it. The faster we went, the more she giggled and smiled.

Here she is loving on her "Adda" as we call him. Harper is definitely a daddy's girl.

It's lovely to see our little park covered in snow, but I will be happy when the ice melts and the summer sun is shining!

What did your family do for fun this weekend?