Spring Top Sewalong

I always get so excited about sewalongs...but I rarely seem to get my act together and make something. I'm hoping to get better about this, and I decided to start with Rae's Spring Top Sewalong. I am (mostly) pleased with the results of my project! _DSC1627I am not even going to begin to write a tutorial on this because 1) I kind of hate writing tutorials and 2) I didn't document things as I went, but perhaps I will whip up some more of these babies and put a little something together then.

_DSC1607This was my first try at doing a freezer paper stencil, and I love the results! I only did one coat of paint, and I haven't washed the shirt yet, so we'll see how it holds up. I kind of wanted a distressed look though, so perhaps a little fading will be just fine.

You don't need a tutorial to do a freezer paper stencil. Basically you just print out/draw/etc. the design you want, trace and cut it out of freezer paper (I just taped mine onto the freezer paper and cut), iron the freezer paper waxy-side-down onto your garment, paint and let dry.

_DSC1575_DSC1581(No, really. It is that simple.)

I used an angled tip fabric paintbrush and Tulip Soft Matte fabric paint in ebony. It was less than $4 for both at Michael's.

_DSC1606These photos confirm a couple things: 1) I become a lardass while pregnant. And 2) I should not assume the tripod is in the back of my minivan. I had this grandiose idea of awesome Salt Lake photos, but a random fencepost had to function as my camera stand. Not so great.

Oh, and here are a couple outtakes. Harper doused herself in dirt while I got the shots above. Hey, whatever works, right?

_DSC1622 _DSC1614 _DSC1610If I had the top to sew all over again (and I do believe I'll make more), I'd change a few things. First, I'd go with a more fitted silhouette. I heavily altered a non-maternity Butterick pattern for this, and I went with the "semi-fitted" version. I would do the "fitted" version in the future. I would also maybe not use a ribbed fabric, as this one doesn't have a lot of recovery and might get a little stretched out.

The alterations I made:

  • Lowered the neckline in front
  • Straightened the side seam in front and gave it a little bulge in the middle for the bump
  • Added a couple of inches of length in back
  • Added about 4" of length in front
  • Sewed 1/4" elastic to the front side seams using a multi-step zigzag for stretch (this drew up the front piece to make it fit to the back)
  • Curved the hemline in front a bit
  • Added bustline darts
  • Deepened the armholes a little
  • Used my own method for finishing the neckline...which...maybe I should write a tutorial? It's pretty sweet.

It was important to me that the gathers at the side seam only be in the front. The last thing I need is more bulk in the back/muffin top area. I don't need any help.

So what do you think? I have some room to grow, but with 12 weeks to go, that is a good thing. :)