The $5 Wedding Dress

My path to finding an appropriate wedding dress for our Thailand wedding has been an interesting one with multiple detours. First, I purchased a fairly traditional gown at Nordstrom Rack on a whim...even though it was a size 10 (I am a 4-6) and a little "high-school prom" (according to Scott). I reasoned that it was a nice dress for only $100...but after a few weeks of looking at its overall "not-me-ness," I returned it. Next, I checked out the J. Crew catalog and ordered a couple of their simpler styles to try. The one I decided on looked much like what Caroline Bessette Kennedy wore in her wedding. It was very pretty, and it only  needed minor alterations...but ultimately, it, too, ended up going back to J.Crew. I just couldn't justify spending $300 on a dress that was going to end up dirty and wet.

Dirty and wet? Yes, that's right: We're riding an elephant to our wedding destination in the Phang Nga National Park near Phuket, Thailand. We have to make a stop at a "monkey cave" to feed both the monkeys AND the Buddhist monks who will bless us. Then, we will actually be taking our vows in knee-deep water underneath a waterfall.

With that, I bring you THE DRESS. It's a white-cotton, eyelet, strapless, knee-length dress that I purchased at Deseret Industries (the LDS Church thrift store) for $5. That's right--$5. And the best part? I love it! It's perfect for the situation, and I plan to adorn it with some jewelry or accessory item I find in Thailand. If it gets ruined, I won't care. And if it doesn't, I can wear it for other things. In fact, I already tore a hole in it when I ripped off the tag and fixed it with some stitch witchery. No sweat.

dress front