Thursday Throwback: Episode 4 (and more!)

So, a couple quick announcements, and then some fun photo action! 1. I added social media icons to my left-hand sidebar. Once upon  time, I had hundreds of Twitter followers and lots of Facebook fans, too...but then, I got frustrated with the interwebz and deleted it all. Don't judge me for my low numbers. I am slowly putting my toes back into the social media quicksand water. I would love for you to follow/like/fan/subscribe/whatever! YOU EARLY ADOPTER, YOU!

2. Um, I guess that was it. On with the photos!

1. Sweet girl | 2. Dinosaur! | 3. Her favorite object, the living room light fixture 4. Thermarest play mat | 5. More dinosaurs! And cheeks! | 6. Best thrift store find, ever 7. Putting the moves on | 8. Reading about baby animals | 9. Adda's hair or Amma's?

We hope you're having a great week!