Thursday Throwback: Episode One

You  might be surprised to learn that I don't consider myself to be an early adopter. When all my friends were like, "OMG YOU HAVE TO GET ON PINTEREST OMG OMG OMG SO ADDICTING!!!!!111!!!" I didn't immediately join in the fun. Same for Facebook, Twitter, etc. And funny thing is, I got waaaay into both of those at one point, and now I pretty much don't exist on Twitter, and I am currently on Facebook hiatus. (I am still having fun with Pinterest.) So, you can imagine how I've felt about Instagram. I've actually had a special kind of hate for this app because I honestly thought it was just plain annoying. My husband and I would make jokes all the time about how any photo would be cool if it only had a warm filter and a lens flare thrown onto it (and anyone would look cool in said photo). And then, of course, everyone started doing blog posts about, "OMG OMG YOU HAVE TO GET ON INSTAGRAM IT IS SOFA KING AWESOME!!!11!!1! OMG OMG OMG!"

Well, here I am. On Instagram. And I love it. Here's the thing...

I have all these photos...HUNDREDS of photos...on my iPhone. Most of them aren't worthy of being printed and hung in a frame. Either the color is weird, the focus is off, the subject isn't centered or something is generally just "wrong" about each photo.

But you know what? Those photos are MOMENTS. They represent life as-it-happens - not posed, well-thought-out, crisp, balanced and focused shots from my big-mamma Nikon. They're the wait-wait-let-me-grab-my-phone-do-it-again-hahahahaha! photos. They're priceless.

What I'm thinking is that I'll do a weekly post where I share my Instagrammed iPhone photos from the week. This way, I can preserve these precious memories in an artistic way (even if I am cheating a little bit).

Photoshop be damned! (At least for today.)

Oh, and don't worry. There won't always be this many. These few collages are a result of my culling through 700+ photos taken over the last 8 months.

PS - YES, Mom, the divider in this post is a scan of your old camera strap. It now adorns my big mamma Nikon. :)