Thursday Throwback: Episode Three-ish

Episode Three-ish because last week I was a total slacker and kind of half-assed my Thursday Throwback. In other news, can my daughter get any cuter?

1. I could stare into those baby blues all day | 2. Sitting pretty at Heidi's wedding | 3. Zonked after a long walk to Liberty Park | 4. First snow in ages | 5. Asleep on Adda's chest | 6. Goofball | 7. Spilled Super Puffs all over the place | 8. She's wanting to be held...a LOT...these days | 9. Agreed

1. Our long walk - my view | 2. Playing in the snow | 3. Best buds | 4. Always spooning | 5. Bubble time | 6. CHUB | 7. Sensing a theme here? | 8. Yes, again. | 9. Hair growing over her ears

We had a GREAT week - SO much better than the last. Harper is back to her old, happy self after the week from teething (?) hell before. And I've been getting back to changing some of my habits for the better. We've been getting out on walks, going shopping, hitting up Book Babies, getting all our chores done, cooking new dishes and even putting on non-sweatsuit clothing.

I'm quite proud of us this week.

How is yours going?