Toddler Backpack by Made-By-Rae

...AKA quite possibly the worst photos I've ever taken. Can we talk about two-year-olds? At 8am? Toddler Backpack by Made-by-Rae Harper goes to preschool three days a week, and those mornings can be a little chaotic with a young infant around needing milk, diapers changed, etc. You know how it is. We've been trying to give Harper more responsibility to get herself ready and packed up, this adorable Toddler Backpack by made-by-rae is perfect. It fits her lunch and sippy cup and any other little goodies she wants to take, and it's not too heavy or cumbersome for her tiny, 25-pound frame. These photos weren't even worth trying to correct, so here my kid is in all her green-faced glory ^^. I promise she is cuter than this in real life. But not at 8am. Oh no. She is quite the grump at that time.

How do you like the cat photobomb?  Toddler Backpack by Made-by-Rae The fabric is Briar Rose by Heather Ross purchased at Elaine's Quilt Block in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. If I had to make this all over again (and I'm sure I will since there seems to be a man child in the house now), I would slap some Peltex all over the outer fabric of this thing. I was sewing late at night know...used what I had (famous last words), and so the backpack leaves a little to be desired in the standing-up-on-its-own department. (Nobody likes a limp backpack, right?!)

I started with some SF-101 fused to the outer fabric, and then I put some Decor-Bond on the lining (doh) as a last-minute attempt to try to firm it up, but no. These are all wonderful products when used in the correct application and order, I should note. Clearly I missed the memo on that one though. But whatevs...she likes it. It's cute. Mission accomplished, right?