What We Wore: Book Babies

I admit it: I've worn my sweatpants so much over the last year that there are holes in the butt. Lovely, right?!

So, in keeping with my theme of changing some of my bad habits this year, I've decided to take my style quotient up a notch. What that means is that I'll make an effort to actually put on something other than pajamas every day.

Please excuse the hair. It's growing back after a ton of it fell out after giving birth, and I have these stupid afro puffs on my temples. I will try harder next time.

And please excuse the photo quality. My kit lens that I normally use for these little shoots seems to be a bit busted, and Scott didn't have the patience to fiddle with it. I guess that's all the more reason for me to achieve one of my 2012 goals of buying a sweet new lens!

On Mommy Scarf - thrifted several years ago Cardigan - Banana Republic, bought several years ago Tank - ISDA & Co. - bought at Nordstrom Rack this summer Jeans - Gap - bought in Paris in 2009 Belt - bought at Nordstrom about 8 years ago Boots - bought in Paris in 2009 Earrings - bought at Downtown Salt Lake Farmer's Market in 2009

On Harper Sweater - owlet by Kate Davies, hand-knit by Mommy Jeans - Big Butt Baby Pants by Rae, sewn by Mommy Shoes - bought at a mall kiosk for $12

See the weird tufts of hair growing on my temples? No? Okay then, stop looking. Forget I said anything.

I grabbed this handbag at DI a couple nights ago for $2. $2!!!!11!!1! I have no idea if it's authentic, but it's definitely leather and has has Pollini markings on it. I love the style, but I'm not sure how functional it's going to be.

This is my hurry-up-honey-the-neighbors-are-wondering-what-the-hell-we're-doing pose.

This is my butt.

These are my legs.

This is my scarf. I really love scarves. They are cheap at thrift stores, and they add a huge punch to an otherwise boring outfit. They also make for a great nursing coverup.

So there you have it: what we wore to Book Babies today. I hope to do more of these posts in the future because I think they'll help me stick to my plan of looking/feeling like a normal human being more days of the week. I also really like sharing ideas for being fashionable on a budget. Most of the items pictured here were things I already had in my closet, but just this week, I've snagged some AWESOME items (all at thrift stores) I plan to wear in the coming days.

And Harper? Well, she doesn't really need fashion to look cute. That's why I keep her around.