What We Wore: Kami's Baby Shower

The cute. There is too much. Scott and I ask each other on an almost daily basis where she got it all. Seriously, this parenting thing keeps getting better and better. Harper has gotten to be so much fun - she is more like a little buddy now than this little helpless thing who needs me to take care of her every need.

Here are a few 10-month updates:

  • She can cruise around the coffee table by herself.
  • She crawls like a mad woman and can get pretty much anywhere she wants.
  • She walks pretty effortlessly while holding onto our fingers.
  • She has five teeth - three on top, two on bottom.
  • She can wave, high-five, clap and blow kisses. The blowing kisses is the best.
  • She can sit up in her crib if she wakes up and is hungry or needs attention, a trick she just demonstrated for the first time tonight.
  • She will eat anything including rocks, dirt and grass.
  • She weighs almost 19 pounds and is a couple inches taller than all her same-age friends (and most of the older ones, too). Tall and skinny just like her mommy and daddy...

Scott took these photos of us before heading to our friend Kami's baby shower. We had so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones! Kami is just lovely, and we can't wait to meet her little girl.

On Harper: Hoodie - Circo (thrifted) Pants - Baby Got Back Pants (made by Mommy from upcycled t-shirt - PATTERN FREE this MONTH ONLY!) Socks - Circo (Target) Shoes - Pediped (Babinski's)

Sorry for the photobomb of Harper walking...but it is just too dang adorable!!

See?! I told you.

We are headed to Alabama this Thursday, and Harper can't wait to show the fam all her new tricks. Okay, correction. *I* can't wait for her to show all her tricks. She has no idea.

On Mommy: Scarf: Liz Claiborne - (thrifted, total vintage SCORE) Sunglasses - Smith (free at SIA in Vegas a few years ago) Shirt - Lole (Backcountry.com employee sale) Linen pants - thrifted Shoes - Birkenstock (another thrifted SCORE - size 40N, exactly my skinny-feet size! Only $2.99!!!!)

Oh...one last thing. Scott had a total weak moment in Home Depot the other night and bought these solar cattails for one of our flower beds. They are hilarious and rad at the same time. Harper digs them.