What We Wore: Orange and Brown

FINALLY I think I have fixed my camera's bum lens. Errrr, actually, what happened is that I pulled out the instruction manual and figured out what I've been doing wrong for the last, oh, three years that I've owned the thing. Apparently I'm really good at shooting still objects using a tripod and shutter mode, but not so much at shooting moving things in aperture mode. I blame a little thing called USER ERROR. SO, Harper and I got all dressed up on Saturday for Miss Maggie's birthday dinner at Red Iguana, but none of the photos turned out. Then last night, I stayed up until 2am trying to figure what the hell was up with my way-too-expensive-to-be-effed-up camera. It worked! Today's outfit photos were MUCH better - especially considering most of them were taken by me with a remote control at high noon.

This blue wall is at an adorable consignment/vintage shop down the street from my house. Harper and I stopped by on our way to pick Adda up for lunch at B&D Burgers (our Sunday afternoon ritual). We were freezing our butts off (again), but I think the cute photos were worth it. Oh, and I really hope no one saw me as I was backing up while holding Harper and a million other things...and I tripped on a pile of trash next to the dumpster behind the store. I fell flat on my butt, and since I was holding Harper, I couldn't catch myself. Luckily, we landed on a pile of corrugated cardboard and hurt nothing except our pride.

On Harper: Shirt: Old Navy (thrifted) Bodysuit: Carter's (Babies 'R Us) Jeans: Big Butt Baby Pants by Rae (Sewn by me)

On Mommy: Sweater: Tweeds (thrifted) Scarf (worn as belt): Brand unknown - it has a little "J" on it (thrifted) Jeans: Old Navy Boots: Frye Villager (bought about 8 years ago at Nordstrom) Purse: Thrifted

This sweater is absolutely, without-a-doubt my NEW FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEM. I got it for $.99 (yes, that's NINETY-NINE CENTS) at the annual Thrifttown Sweater Sale on Friday. It is perfect in EVERY way - fit, softness (100% Merino wool), color, ease of care (came out perfectly from the wool cycle on my HE machine) and comfort. Oh, and I LOVE the mother-of-pearl buttons on the cuffs and think it looks quite nice! If I ever get around to doing Nina's Design-a-Sweater Class from Knitpicks, I will probably use this sweater as my knitting template.

A little money-saving trick I use for Harper's clothing: buy short-sleeve shirts about 6-months too big for her (this one is a 12-18mo size) and put them over a long-sleeved bodysuit in the winter. By the summer, they will fit her perfectly without the extra layer underneath!

Harper is wearing size 18mo bodysuits now (even though she's only 8-months-old) to accommodate her cloth diapers...and because Adda demands we get her clothing two sizes too big. He insists that it's the most money-wise purchase choice. He is right, I know... Girl grows like a weed!

If there's any clothing item for which a splurge is totally justified, it's Frye boots! I have never seen a pair that wasn't worth the marked price. These cost me around $200, but that was 8 years ago. They've been re-soled, re-heeled, re-insoled...you name it...but they just keep on keepin' on. Plus, the lace-up style works great with my skinny legs. I occasionally find these at thrift stores, but they're never in my size. They also have decent deals on them at the Sundance Outlet in Salt Lake City.

After our little photo shoot, I whipped up Fannie Farmer's Classic Baked Macaroni & Cheese and headed to the Webers' with Harper and Scott for a fun-filled evening. Super Bowl? What Super Bowl??! Today was Harper's 8-month birthday! We celebrated it in style. :)

How was YOUR weekend?