What We Wore: Polka Dot Party

Matching mother/daughter outfits are so horrible, and I hate them. I AM TOTALLY LYING. I LOVE THEM!!!!! Hahahahaha.

It's true. While I don't think babies should have on mini versions of the exact same thing their mommies are wearing, I love the look of coordinated outfits. That's why I love today's ensemble!

Today we're headed to Lily's second birthday party, so we wanted to wear something cute but comfortable. Plus, it's like 43 degrees below zero today (we were freezing our butts off while taking these photos), so we have to stay warm.

On Harper: Serendipity Hat by Brandy Fortune - Hand-knit by Mommy T-Shirt - Sprockets (thrifted) Sweatshirt - Genuine Kids by Osh Kosh (thrifted) Pants - Big Butt Baby Pants by Rae, sewn by Mommy Socks - Old Navy boot socks Shoes - Bought at mall Kiosk (Fashion Place) for $12

On Mommy: Shirt: Boden (thrifted) Skirt: Gap (thrifted) Sweater tights: Nordstrom Rack Boots: Uggs (weak moment!! But obviously, they have gotten a lot of use over the years)

Boden has to be one of my favorite brands of clothing. I LOVE when I find it at the thrift store. It's always in the wrong size section since the sizes are British. This shirt was in the large section and is a size 10. A British size 10 is equivalent to a US 4! Score!

These last two photos are more because...well...is there anything cuter and sweeter than a sleeping baby?!

What do YOU think about coordinating mommy/daughter outfits?!