What We Wore: Valentine's Day

I didn't do any of my normal weekly features last week because...well...life happens, ya know? I'm still getting back into the hang of blogging on a regular basis, and I'm still figuring out what features I want to stick with, and which ones aren't that important to me. I am always stumbling onto new ones (like this one - Just Write - LOVE!), so I have to take things one day at a time! I mean, it's not like I have anything else to do. Also, I've been busy with real estate this past week. I took a new listing and have a closing scheduled for tomorrow (hopefully), so it's been a little chaotic. Add to all this the whole mommy/wife thing, and I'm just plain exhausted.

Did I mention I'm also working on a line of sewing patterns for cloth-diapered babies? Yeah. I know. I'm crazy. Luckily, knitting has hit the backburner for a few weeks. Whew. Deep breaths.

Anyway, we did manage to snap a few shots of our outfits yesterday. Harper had a playdate with Grayson so Scott and I could go out to dinner at The Atlantic. I got her all dressed up for her first Valentine's Date (haha), but I actually changed her into comfy play clothes after we took these photos. I guess the practical side took over. It happens.

Speaking of practical...I haven't been able to resist buying baby shoes lately. I bought her two of the cutest pairs, one in a size 2 and one in a size 3. She outgrew the size 2's in a day...but it didn't matter, anyway. She won't keep them on, and she likes to try to eat them.

On Harper: Dress: Circo, thrifted Bodysuit: Carter's, Babies R Us Tights: H&M, gifted Legwarmers: Hand-knit by Mommy (free pattern here) Shoes: (the only pair she will keep on) Deer Shoes, bought at Fashion Place Mall kiosk

On Mommy: Scarf:  mall kiosk (bought about 8 years ago) Cardigan:  Banana Republic (bought about 3 years ago) Sweater:  thrifted for $.99!!! Pants:  Dickies (bought about 6 years ago - they used to be flare-leg, but I altered them) Shoes:  Kate Spade (bought at Nordstrom Rack about 3 years ago - these have been through the ringer!)

Harper is getting dangerously close to pulling up and standing on her own. She can even hold onto something like her crib and use her other hand to grab for things. Crawling? Ha! This girl is too good for that! ;)

She wants to go go go!

She always has her eyes on something she wants to grab...and eat.

I turned the camera around for a couple daddy/daughter shots. These two are so adorable.

100% daddy's girl.

Other than Harper's cute smile, I think my favorite thing about these photos is MY HAIR. Do you see THAT HAIR? It was still wet in these photos. As in, I didn't do ANYTHING to it. I didn't even comb/brush it. But I looked in the mirror and loved it, so I went with it. I kind of love it.

In other news, Harper is going through this thing where 1) she won't sleep in her crib and 2) she won't sleep anywhere other than nestled under my chin. Not naps, not overnight. And unfortunately, even if I do manage to get up after I've gotten her asleep for a nap, I don't feel comfortable going too far away when she is lying on the bed. I kind of love it and hate it at the same time. Cuddling with her is just the best, but then I get all grumpy when I don't get necessary chores and/or fun things for me done.

I guess this, too, shall pass? I hope so...and then again, I don't. :)