Winter Wonderland Jacket

I cannot say enough good things about this pattern by Lisa Chemery (frogginette on Ravelry). First, it was easy. I mean, REALLY easy. I finished the actual knitting in 48 hours flat. Seriously. Second, it was fun. The combination of large needles, thick yarn and instant gratification made this a perfect project for me. Next, the finished product is super versatile and functional. And finally, did I mention how cute Harper looks in it? I didn't think so.

I knitted the 12-18mos size for my almost-six-months-old baby (she's about 26 inches tall, 18 pounds), and although it's a tiny bit big on her, I think it was the right choice. The sleeves are cuffed in the photos, and I like how the seed-stitch allows you to do that without losing any style points (it's reversible). You can also see I decided to line mine. Anyone who knows my sewing knows that I HATE raw edges. As a result, much of my handiwork ends up either lined or reversible (or both).

I was going for a reversible lining on this one, but when I realized the snaps sticking out everywhere would compromise Harper's comfort (and comfort was what I was going for by lining it and keeping the potentially itchy wool off her face and neck), I scrapped that plan.

Nevertheless, the lining does also have an underlining that was originally going to be the reversible other side. It does peek out every now and then, though, so it's nice that it's pretty (Lotta Jansdotter pretty, to be exact). I decided to use an adorable and sophisticated Paris map print, and when I showed my husband, he said, "Oh, it's a Madeline in Paris jacket."


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